Teach your dog to chase his tail in one of two ways. If they already enjoy chasing toys and things that move, interest him in his own tail as if it were a new toy. CAUTION – This method can lead to self-destructive behaviors such as constant chasing or chewing on his own tail. A safer method is to use the Circle or Spin dog trick as shown in this video, and work to speed up the spin.


  1. Start with your dog in front of you and in a standing position.
  2. Place a treat or toy in your right hand and put it in front of your dog’s nose.
  3. Begin moving your hand around your dog’s body. Keep your hand low and to the side of the dog. Try both directions – to the right and the left – to discover which direction your dog finds easiest.
  4. Say Chase your tail or other command while continuing to move your hand around the outside of your dog.
  5. Give your dog a treat as they follow your hand and begin to turn around. Continue the movement with additional treats.
  6. As your dog learns this command, tighten the the circle you make with your hand so it just goes over the dog’s back. Eventually your hand signal will be limited to a small circle in front of your dog with a verbal command.

Suggested Command Words:

Round and Round Chase Your Tail
Get Your Tail Where’s Your Tail?


  • If your dog sits down, they will automatically stand when you begin to lure them.
  • If your dog moves his head and not his body, try lowering the treat as you move it around his body. Keep it low – below his shoulder.
  • Is your dog toy motivated? Try using a tennis ball or plush toy instead of treats.
  • Make sure your warm-up routine includes circling in both directions so your dog stretches both sides.
  • Remember to keep your training sessions short.

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