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Teaching your dog or puppy a new trick each month will keep him focused on you and interested in learning. Watch this video and follow the directions below to learn the featured free trick!

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“Surfing” the Buja Board

In this lesson you will learn how to teach your dog to surf, or balance, on the buja board. The buja board is a great way to build confidence, get your dog comfortable with unstable surfaces such as a dock or rickety step, and is often used as a precursor to the teeter totter in dog agility training. Instructions on How to Make a Buja Board can be found in the articles section of Online Dog Coach.


  1. Show the buja board to your dog.
  2. Tip the buja board to make a sound. Reward your dog for remaining calm and confident.
  3. Once your dog is comfortable with the sound of the buja board, use a treat to lure your dog to place his or her paw on the buja board. Reward immediately. Continue luring until your dog confidently places his or her paw on the buja board for a treat (he or she may even start offering the behavior without a lure).
  4. Lure your dog to place multiple paws on the buja board and reward immediately.
  5. Lure your dog to walk across the buja board by tossing treats into the middle of the buja board.
  6. Enjoy playing with your dog on the buja board!


  • Be sure to progress slowly and use high value treats if your dog appears fearful of the buja board.
  • Never use a collar and/or leash to pull your dog onto the buja board.
  • Now is a good time to review the article about the quality of treats.
  • A larger diameter ball under to buja board will increase the buja board’s wobble. Use a smaller ball at first.
  • For larger dogs, you may need a training assistant to lure your dog across the buja board as many larger dogs can reach treats without stepping on the board.

Why You Should Train Your Dog

Dogs develop bad habits when they are bored, and it is easier to prevent problems with dog or puppy training than to fix them afterwords. Your dog learns basic manners, tricks, and sports when you practice the best dog training methods and spend just a few moments every day working with him. These dog training basics are the foundation for a great relationship between you and your dog.

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